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By May 19, 2018Web Dev

If you want to know what web development is, you must explore the best site to learn web development. In the light of technological developments, nowadays web design resources have become open source. We get free access to the web development blogs. These freebies help us to stay up to date in the web page development industry. Most of the development websites offer free online web development courses. In addition to free web design courses, you can get news, tips, tools, as well as other useful resources involving online website design. Today we are going to discuss some of the most popular resources & blogs for professional web development and what you can get out of them.

1. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is a Germany based blog, delivering amazing articles on web page development for last 11+ years. This site has published 2137 articles including quality contents since its inception. The site is really very much resourceful to any web developer because of providing technical solutions on website design. In addition to articles, Smashing Magazine also provides books, events, jobs, and membership services. Under its books service, it provides quality physical & digital books including in-depth knowledge. You can attend the events like conferences & workshops availing its events service. Designers and developers can find jobs in large companies with the help of its jobs service. Its membership service provides books, webinars, events, etc in big discounts.

Online website design resources and blogs who are the best

2. Webdesigner Depot

Webdesigner Depot is a huge resource for the web developers. This web design blog was established in 2008. They are the community with the involvement of their vast number of subscribers and followers. A good number of quality writers regularly write the best ideas on web design in this blog. They never compromise with the quality. To maintain this trend and keep providing high-quality articles, they welcome the new article writers to join their team. They always provide standard design ideas using clean code. In addition to web design ideas, they also provide tutorials for Photoshop, plugins for WordPress, tools for web design, and free icons.

Online website design resources and blogs who are the best

3. Mockplus

Mockplus is the team having a set of innovative professionals serving in the software field for more than 10 years. They develop wonderful prototyping tools for User Experience Designers (UX Designers)/User interface designers (UI Designers). You can download the amazing Mockplus software for free from this website. In addition, they support their customers by providing fantastic video tutorials. They publish quality contents on web design secrets through their blog. They also publish contents on latest trends of design as well as introduce the readers with the popular prototyping tools. This is guaranteed that any web developer must be a beneficiary through this website.

Online website design resources and blogs who are the best

4. WebpageFX

WebpageFX provides digital marketing services on a full-time basis. They are the team comprising the world famous marketers, designers, as well as developers. Particularly, they are famous for online website design blogs. This website is like a tutorial web magazine for the web/graphic designers. You can learn hidden techniques of online website design or graphic design from their high-quality content. Especially, the new designers can find inspiring articles full of innovative ideas from this website. If you want to be a professional designer, this website will be here for you. Anyone can be an online website design expert through this website.

Online website design resources and blogs who are the best

5. Creative blog

The creative blog is particularly an inspiration to art and design. They publish detail insights of the famous design tools. They have a set of qualified designers and artists who write reviews of the famous design tools on this website. The creative blog has taken digital art to a new height. They publish extraordinary tips and tutorials that can strengthen your creativity. The web developers can find creative solutions on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress, and Photoshop. If anyone is interested in online website design, the creative blog can be the best resource for him. Visit the creative blog and find all the resources and videos to fix the issues of online website design.

Online website design resources and blogs who are the best

6. Inspired Magazine

Inspired Magazine is a blog which is an inspiration for the web designers. If anybody prepares himself to build his own website he can get the best outline from this website which is beyond his imagination. This blog was started in March 2009. Their aim is to give some input on others’ thoughts and take them to their excellence. Since their inception, they already published 1,386 articles. Most of the articles are on web design/graphic design. They also publish articles on other general inspirations. In addition, they write hosting reviews to ensure you which one is good and which one is not. Besides, you can download free icons and pictures from this website.

Online website design resources and blogs who are the best

7. Designrfix

Designrfix is an excellent online resource for Web Design and Graphic Design with the best inspiration. This website discusses the latest software as well as web/graphics solutions. They talk about both the Web and Graphic design resources which include unique patterns. The aim of this website is to let everyone know the secret of making his/her design outstanding. In particular, they inspire people on high-quality WordPress page designing as well as WordPress theme designing. In addition, they include general topics like business, photography, portfolio writing, etc in their discussion. They also provide free icons, logos, tutorials, etc to their users.

Online website design resources and blogs who are the best

8. Speckyboy

The Speckyboy website started their journey in October 2007 with aim of inspiring the web designers. Later they introduced the web design magazine to catch up the recent web design trends. This website always dreams to serve the effective resources to the web developers. Another important goal of this site is to provide its user in-depth tips and tutorials. They have an amazing team including skilled web designers who work for them dedicatedly. As a result, the readers don’t face any problem to get the up to date information on web design. Overall, it can be said that the Speckyboy is such a virtual magazine that it keeps the designers always exploring new techniques.

Online website design resources and blogs who are the best


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